[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Die neshendra GmbH verwendet folgende Technologien und Prinzipien:

Web Application Developmentneshendra software realizes web applications. CSS3Current version 3 sports lots of new features. MeteorMeteor is a full stack JavaScript framework. It allows to implement isomorphic JavaScript application. SASS Abbreviation of 'Syntactically Awesome Stylesheets'. SASS extends
CSS and supports e.g. variables. By means of this redundant CSS
rules can be avoided. Very similar to LESS. See 'DRY'.
Vaadin Vaadin allows to realize web applications in Java
only. You don't have to maintain Java- and HTML or
JavaScript in parallel. Uses GWT under the hood.
React React is the user interface library developed by Facebook. Enables to realize performant web applications. Java Swing Java Swing is still a good choice for desktop applications written in Java. JIDE JIDE extends Java Swing and provides lots
of powerful additional features and widgets.
Mobile AppsWe realize Mobile Apps running in the internet browser as well (aka "hybrid apps"). This has the advantage that you don't have to implement an Android and an iPhone app separately. Hybrid AppIn a hybrid app a web application is running inside a mobile app. There are different tools for gaining this, Cordova is one of these. MongoDB MongoDB is a widespread NoSQL database. Morphia Morphia is a Java library for easily writing and reading
object to MongoDB. (There are some similarities to JPA).
JPAShort for 'Java Persistence API' NoSQLAbbreviation of 'Not-only SQL' JavaJava is one of the base technologies neshendra LLC is using. Groovy Groovy is a very easy to use scripting language. It
is used e.g. within Gradle or Jasper Reports.
JavaScript Indispensible for developing web applications... JMeterCommunications / web application test tool SeleniumWeb application test tool to roboter-control an internet browser. AWSAbbr. of 'Amazon Web Services' Software-DevelopmentThis is what neshendra software does. MavenThe most used Java build system. Amazon Web Services Amazon Web Services provides a whole server infrastructure.
By means of this we do not need any fat data wires or large
server centers on-site.
HTML5 Version 5 enables lots of additional features
earlier provided by nasty plugins.
Ajax Abbr. of 'Asynchronous JavaScript and XML'. Enables
to dynamically update only parts of an HTML page.
This is the basis of 'Rich Internet Applications'.
XMLShort for 'EXtensible Markup Language' JSON Abbr. of 'JavaScript Object Notation'. Often needed
when communicating by means of Ajax. MongoDB extensively
uses this kind of format.
Open Source neshendra software uses Open Source Software where applicable.
Nevertheless it follows this rule in a pragmatic way.
DRY Abbr. of 'Don't repeat yourself'. This is one of the
principles of neshendra software: Each rule /
business feature shall be realized at exactly on place.
Jasper Reports Jasper Reports enables to visualize bulky data sets. WordPress For typical Internet sites (like the one here)
WordPress is a really good choice.
RIA Rich Internet Application: neshendra software realizes
Desktop-like web applications on the basis of Vaadin.
JSF JSF is Java's standard way to implement web applications. SPAShort for 'Single Page Application'. Synonym to 'Rich Internet Application'


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