From “necetra” to “neshendra”

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Setting up a new company is hard … and avoiding all mishaps almost impossible. In my case with “necetra” I chose a name too near to another existing company name ;-(

What happened:

  • Last December the other company’s lawyer urged me to give up “necetra” completely. The company’s name is somewhat similar but looked to me “enough” different.
  • Due to the fact that the other company registered its name as brand, was Switzerland-based and worked in the similar business area I had to admit that the case isn’t simple and decided to take a lawyer. (If I really need to change the name I didn’t fancy to experience this another time…)
  • In January I offered the other company changing the name and asked for a certain amount of money for selling the URL. (BTW: You can’t be forced to give up a URL, you can only be forced to not use it for business issues…)
  • We got to an agreement and thus, my company is now (officially) named “neshendra software Peter Fürholz”

At last: “neshendra” is an artificial word. (Let me know I you know something different.)

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