Choose your toolset carefully!

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Maybe it sounds a bit simple but after several months on a project of my own I have to emphasize how important a solid selection of performant and appropriate tools is. Every usage of an additional library or program should be well considered.
Here I open my favorized toolset:

  • Java: Was never a point of discussion
  • Groovy: Very helpful for dynamic aspects. Since it is used in Gradle (see below) or Jasper Reports there is almost no way around.
  • Vaadin: Coming from Java Swing this was a natural choice for developing web applications.
  • MongoDB: Due to good database driver support (Morphia) it was my first choice.
  • Parboiled: Enables to realize parsers defining the syntax in Java itself. Really cool!
  • Gradle: Most powerful build tool though needs some time to learn and Groovy knowledge are highly appreciated…

There are some more important tools (e.g. CMS, UML, documentation/specification) though I think I will cover them in a separate post…

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