Homepage updated

By admin|July 7, 2016

The time has come to update the homepage. Hopefully you like the new design as I do.

First Deplyment of the responsive web application using Meteor and React online

By admin|June 23, 2016

For several weeks now I invested some time developing web applications by means of JavaScript, Meteor, React, Bootstrap and MongoDB. By now I put the first version of my didactic play online: http://club76huette.meteorapp.com It’s not perfect but I think it is far from bad! With the needed expertise you can realize really cool stuff. The web application is optimized for handling on your mobile phone. In future I am planning

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Going JavaScript

By admin|May 16, 2016

As a passionate Java developer I always looked down a bit to JavaScript. This language looked too much like scripting and too little like programming to me. Nevertheless JavaScript is the language of the Web and this won’t change soon! In the meantime I found out that there are very capable libraries and frameworks available in JavaScript. With them it is possible to develop isomorphic applications what means you can

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New Order – New Challenges

By admin|March 6, 2015

Almost half a year now I work for Post Finance in Berne. During this time I had to face several new challenges. Here you can find one of the more interesting ones: Performance-Testing with Selenium For a client side performance analysis often used GUI interactions shall be automated and executed in parallel. Unfortunately we were not able to control the JSF web application by means of the HtmlUnit Library. Thus

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Homepage freshed up

By admin|January 13, 2014

After 2 years I freshed up the homepage a little bit. The layout has a little bit changed and there is now a tag cloud on the entry site. (Thanks to Almeros’ Coding Blog).

Choose your toolset carefully!

By admin|January 8, 2014

Maybe it sounds a bit simple but after several months on a project of my own I have to emphasize how important a solid selection of performant and appropriate tools is. Every usage of an additional library or program should be well considered. Here I open my favorized toolset: Java: Was never a point of discussion Groovy: Very helpful for dynamic aspects. Since it is used in Gradle (see below)

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Lodur-Tools updated

By admin|January 8, 2014

It is already some months ago since I released Lodur-Tools (in the current extend). Due to the fact that the SGV in Solothurn raised objections against the deployment as web application in the cloud I changed the deployment. Now active Lodur lookups must be executed from a downloaded version of the Lodur-Tools. By the means of Java WebStart this change could be done rather easily. Conclusions: Even you give something

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Working as as freelancer

By admin|August 22, 2013

Much too long ago I wrote my last post here! The reason was not that everything was standing still – no – the reason was that I worked as a freelancer for over a year for Intersys AG in Solothurn! Intersys AG implemented diverse software products for Swisscom. One of the bigger ones is SIS, the central database containing all customer contracts (at least all the technical aspects of them).

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neshendra software becomes LLC

By admin|October 25, 2012

neshendra software was started as an personal company. Due to some regulatory stuff this is a hindrance in working flexible and closely together with other companies. As a result I refirmed now “neshendra software Peter Fürholz” as “neshendra LLC”. This action becomes legally effective retroactively as of July 1 2012.

Lodur-Tools now online

By admin|May 3, 2012

Lodur Tools As an administrator of a voluntary fire brigade I am using Lodur as administration too. Lodur is (in Switzerland) rather wide-spread now and offers almost anything in respect of fire brigade’s administration. Nevertheless there are points which might be improved. Thus, I took this as a chance to introduce myself in the web development with Vaadin. Currently there are two free accessible tools: Fire Fighter Services-Export to Excel

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